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Clients are overwhelmingly happy with the results they achieve by following my training and nutritional program. You can trust the quality of service and the proper guidance because...

  • I'm up to date on the latest research for both nutrition and training
  • A qualified expert and am result oriented
  • I provide clients with high quality service
  • I teach and educate clients so that they feel empowered
  • I inspire, motivate and love my job.

This combination of quality and experience has been the winning formula for me.

Reach your goal, or I won't keep a shekel!

I provide one-on-one fitness training to people of all ages desiring a program tailored to their specific needs. I evaluate my client's physical fitness and keep track of his progress. Sessions are conducted in my private gym and can also be done at one's home, park, or office. Clients may even request that I travel with them in order to keep up an exercise routine.

I develop exercise programs to provide the optimum results while taking into account the activities my clients enjoy. I motivate my clients to push their physical limits. Furthermore if a client has suffered an athletic injury, I will create a special rehabilitation program for them. 

Be your own success story.

You don't fix your own car, cut your own hair, fly your own plane, or represent yourself in court so why try to do it yourself with something much more important: Your own health, your own fitness, your own life?

Sign up for your free, no obligation, no commitment fitness consultation with me, a certified personal trainer who will get you into the best shape of your life right now.


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