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Rodney from Raanana after 3 months!



"I would highly recommend Adam Ezekiel as a fitness trainer and consultant to anyone who

wants to get into shape, whatever level you are at. Adam is extremely

thorough in taking all your measurements and body statistics from the outset

and finds out exactly what you want to achieve and what your goals are. This

is not just another personal trainer who regurgitates the same exercises and

information to all client's. Adam has a very strong knowledge and

level of education in nutrition, sports nutrition, the body, cardio vascular

exercise, all forms of exercise and weight training which enables him to go

way beyond the realms of just personal training to build a complete

nutrition and exercise program to help you achieve and exceed your fitness


Adam is highly motivated by your success and from the minute you meet him he

will find out what you want and help you achieve it. I look forward to every

training session with Adam. He pushes you very hard but also motivates you

at the same time. He regularly checks your body statistics, measurements and

takes photographs to assess your progress and re-assesses your goals. Adam

will set a program that combines regular sessions in his gym with workouts

for you to do on your own which will be tailored to what exercises you like

doing and what facilities you have available to you. This is coupled with a

nutrition plan to support your training program. He will keep rotating and

adding new exercises to offer variety and push you. Since I have been

working with him he has given me over 10 different exercises and weight

routines for each area and muscle in the body, all of which work the same

muscle groups. His knowledge of which exercises work best for different

areas, and which to avoid if you have pain conditions, is un-matched. Every

time we set a new workout plan Adam will change the exercises and has such a

vast knowledge, it's great to see him planning which muscle groups work well

together to exercise on the same day and he combines this with your

objectives and goals. He tailors every plan to every client and does not

hash out the same plans over and over again.

I have worked with several personal trainers in the past, but none like Adam

Ezekiel. He cares about every client and really wants you to achieve. He is

the best motivator in the business. Look no further than this trainer as he

is the best."

- Rodney


לכל מאין דבעי,

היה לי הכבוד והעונג להתאמן אצל אדם יחזקאל.

אדם הינו מקצוען אמיתי, מאתגר כל פעם מחדש, דואג להגיע לתוצאות ממשיות, ולא פחות חשוב, גורם לכל אימון להיות חוויה חדשה ומרגשת.

בנוסף לכך, אדם הוא הרבה מעבר למאמן כושר, הוא מאמן לחיים. באמצעות יחס אישי נדיר ובשילוב של תמיכה מחזקת בכל מה שקשור לחיי היום יום, תזונה, חשיבה וטיפים כלליים,

אדם מאפשר להגיע לחיים בריאים ושמחים יותר.

אני ממליץ בחום לכל אחד שרוצה להתפתח, להשתנות, להשתפר, להשקיע בגוף שלו ובעצמו, לעבוד עם אדם ולהתחיל דרך חדשה לחיים.


אורי גושן

Co-Founder & VP Tawkon


I live in Ra'anana and, in October 2012, started training with Adam twice a week. Due to my past medical history, I regularly suffered from exhaustion.

However, because of my sessions with Adam, I can now exercise (including cardio workouts and weight training) without ill-effect.

I am fitter now than I have been for decades and feel much better for it. I can highly recommend Adam - he is both courteous and professional.


"כל אימון היה מצד אחד מאתגר בטירוף ומצד שני סיפק הנאה וחוויה בלתי נשכחת.

במהלך האימונים מתחתי את קצה גבול היכולת שלי ושיפרתי תוצאות וביצועים כמעט בכל שבוע.

בנוסף, ניכרת מאוד מקצועיותו של אדם, וגם התחשבותו בצרכים וביכולות האישיות שלי.

לסיכום, אני מרגיש מרוצה ומסופק מההחלטה להתאמן עם אדם."

ֿיונה ברנסטין


Adam's introduction to me was via the "InSharon" site. I came to him with the sole purpose of reducing some weight and obtaining nutritional guidance for my adult onset diabetes at age 60 years.

Within three months under his guidance, I have lost weight, my fat percentage has gone down coupled with the fact that my muscle percentage has risen and one of the most important aspects is that my biological age has gone down by 2 years.

I find Adam extremely accommodating as to the sessions and is motivating. I thoroughly enjoy the workouts.

I highly recommend Adam as a personal trainer for excellent results.



אני התחלתי לפני חודשיים אצל אדם,אח שלי מתאמן אצלו והמליץ לי עליו.

אני יכול להגיד לכם שאם באמת אתם רוצים לראות שיפור מהיר וטוב זה רק אצל אדם תוך חודשיים כל מסת השרירים שלי עלתה למשל-חזה :בהתחלה היה בהיקף של 91.4 ואחרי חודשיים היה בהיקף של 94.6 יותר משלוש סנטימטר לחודשיים וזה מטורף.ככה זה גם בידיים כתפיים רגליים.

אדם הוא לא סתם מאמן הוא גם חבר,הוא בן אדם מדהים שכיף להתאמן אצלו לא רק בגלל שהוא מאמן תותח אלא כי הוא בן אדם תותח.

אני הפסקתי אצלו מכיוון שעכשיו אני מתחיל מכינה קדם צבאית ולא יהיה לי זמן ללכת אליו וממש עצוב לי בגלל זה.

אני מבטיח לכולם שאם אתם רוצים להיות בכושר שיא ולפתח שרירים זה רק אצל אדם

גיל איסרליש

I probably wasn’t Adam’s typical client; I didn’t want to lose weight, I wanted to gain it. At 16 years old, I was six feet and a skinny 150 lbs. At age 23, I had gained almost four inches and only five more pounds!! I ate healthy food (a LOT of it) but without being extreme. I also exercised frequently, and while I felt in pretty good shape, I had little upper body strength or muscle mass due to my body type (which Adam explained) and a crazy metabolism.

One of the main things that I looked for was someone to help me really understand what to eat, how much and why. Also, I wanted someone to not only help me get in a good physical shape for the army, but also to teach me how to have a strong, healthy body in the long term. I definitely got both of those with Adam.

When I finished working with Adam, I weighed 175 lbs, all muscle! I also broadened 6 cm. in the shoulders, 4.5 in the chest, 3.5 in the biceps, as well as everywhere else. Keep in mind that this was without crazy diets, supplements, protein shakes, or even going to gym! It was just hard work, a good diet, and Adam’s professional guidance pushing me to go beyond my limit.

I feel his nutritional guidance played a big part. I don’t just eat whatever I feel like anymore. Even if it’s all healthy food, I now understand the balance I need for someone with my body type. I still enjoy my old meals (I love to cook), just now in the proper proportions.

My six months with Adam definitely helped me start being prepared for the army. While I still have a hard time with pushups (my weak area), I now have a good foundation and know how to continue toward my goal and maintain my fitness in the future.

- Avraham S.

 To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Adam Ezekiel as a personal trainer. His performance as a fitness expert benefited my life significantly. I never thought that having a trainer could make such a difference in my results. Prior to my training with Adam Ezekiel I inconsistently attended the gym and was not satisfied with my body image.

Once meeting Adam on Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu in Israel, I began training with him. It was the best decision I have ever made. His positive attitude and motivation combined with his vast knowledge on health education and nutrition put me on the right track to build the body of my dreams. As a result, I regained confidence in myself and now look the best I have ever looked in my life.

Years ago I got into a major car accident breaking many bones, and at times I would hear remarks that I was too weak and skinny, but my world has changed because of Adam, I constantly get compliments on my physique and am asked how I did it.

My answer is simple, Adam Ezekiel.

He has helped me take my body to a level that I never thought was possible in just 3 months.

I highly recommend Adam Ezekiel to anyone who wants to enhance their self image.


Michael Klein

To Whom It May Concern,

I have had the pleasure of having Adam Ezekiel as my personal trainer for a significant period of time. He was able to develop a perosnalized fitness routine geared to my fitness goals and capabilites. He was able to modify the program as changes in my condition mandated it. I was able to increase my exercise tolerance, lower my maximal heart rate, gain muscle mass, and lose weight during my time with Adam. He is able to motivate and push his client without being aggressive. He is an enjoyable person to work with and my sessions with him were both productive and enjoyable.

I highly recommend Adam Ezekiel as a personal trainer. I have no reservations or concerns regarding his ability to get the most out of his clients.


Ariah J. Schattner MD, FRCPC

Regarding Adam Ezekiel, Physical Trainer

Adam is a person who inspired me to do my best. His passion and dedication to his work is appreciated and has helped me reach a level of fitness that I thought was lost and forgotten. I am grateful that I can now do my work and physically exert myself without becoming short of breath.

He was punctual and kept his appointments with me.

Adam's motivation has enabled me to achieve a higher level of fitness.

I am sure he will be an asset to anyone who takes him on.

Mani Melnick.

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