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One on One Personal Training

Are you tired of your unorganized, ineffective training program? Are you looking for a serious weight training and fat loss program that is structured, progressive, safe, and most of all, effective? FIT-NESS offers customized one-on-one, periodized strength training/fitness programs for men of all ages and fitness levels. Want to lose weight, increase size and strength, learn proper form and new training methods utilized by athletes?

Then one-on-one training is perfect for you.

We guarantee results or your money back!

We'll train either in our studio in the heart of Raanana, or have us come to you anytime, anyplace.

Group Fitness

All the benefit's of personal trainer without the same cost. Bring a friend or family member and we'll break down the price so that everyone wins. We can train up to 3 people at a time comfortably.

Boot Camp

Our bootcamp classes are designed to help you lose weight, build strength, tone up, jumpstart your energy and most of all keep you motivated in a group setting. We do a lot of circuit training and core work. Weights, kickboxing, agilities, plyometrics, body weight resistance and more done outdoors. 

Contact us today and inquire about how we can set up a comprehensive strength training program to meet your goals! We guarantee results or we'll give you your money back.

Remember the first meeting is free and no obligations or commitments are needed.

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